1. Introduction

From 07 March 2018 Ganja Agribusiness Association (GABA) launched the project named “Introducing environmentally friendly pest-control for bio-protection of agricultural crops in the border areas Azerbaijan  (Sheki – Zagatala) and Georgia (Lagodekhi)” within the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programmes (EaPTC) funded by EU. The objective of the  action is to evaluate and develop for the purpose of applying International Pest Management (IPM) system in the border area of Azerbaijan (Sheki-Zagatala) and Georgia (Lagodekhi), concomitantly analyzing the potential of both region in agribusiness value chains for hazel nuts and vegetable products. The elaboration of the program involves regular consultations with a wide range of local partners, value chain members in both countries in order to better exploit opportunities and create sustainable networks.

  1. Rationale for Website

The Internet is increasingly becoming the first and the fastest point of reference on information for stakeholders, including implementing partners, government officials, civil society representatives and donors. More so, key stakeholders abroad who wish to know more about project, including UE staff at the headquarters, expect to obtain key relevant information through an Internet search. The current website accommodates evolving needs in terms of design, content management insufficiently.

GABA is inviting proposals from reputable and qualified companies with a track record of success in designing and producing digital solutions to develop new templates for the current website. The templates will provide a new look-and-feel to the web and will unlock the potential functionalities of the current software while displaying the content in a more organized, attractive and user-friendly manner.

  1. Scope of service
  • Make proposal for design of the website and android application
  • Design the website structure, taking into account the requirements from office required: clear catalogs & folders for data & page storage, attractive site & page layout, easy to use, update and maintain, flexible navigation & search function; counting function for web pages visited, etc.
  • Gather informative contents for the Web presence (text, documents, pictures, key speeches, etc.)
  • Create HTML documents and graphics for implementation in the Web.
  • Make recommendations for backup/restore plan.
  • Training to staff on website maintenance and content update.
  • Design and establish anti-hacker and antivirus plan for the website.
  • Website hosting service for 2019
  • Warranty and maintenance service for 6 month
  • Make recommendations for software, hardware, and other back-end applications related to Web development.
  1. Basic structure of the website
  • Home page
  • Static pages: 20-30
  • Dynamic Pages: 4

News channel: 1 and updates per year: 150

Estimate grow rate of storage space: 300-350MB per year (in single language)

  • Functions:

Subscribe email

In site search


Photo and Video gallery ( optional)

Automatic homepage recover (optional)

  • CMS with remote administration
  • Android version of the website
  1. Objectives/expected results
  • Design and establish a new website to match request from GABA/ or RGEDC
  1. Duration/Timeframe
  • It is expected to 30 to 45 working days
  1. Qualifications/selecting criteria
  • Contractor must be a legal entity registered in Azerbaijan
  • Contractor must be a reputable company with prior rich experience in the field
  • Proven and solid knowledge and experience in providing similar service to international organizations
  • Able to provide user training and all documents in English
  • Solid knowledge on website security and website hosting service
  • The Vendor should provide an proposal include a brief implementation plan
  • The vendor should provide the quotation include below information:
  • Website and application design and setup.
  • Website application hosting for 2019
  • Related software license
  • Quotation of maintenance service

Ganja Agribusiness Association

19  Javadkhan street, Ganja city

АZ 2000, Azerbaijan

Tel.: (+99422) 252 12 61

Fax: (+994 22) 256 94 00

e-mail:  office@gaba.az



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